Ammar Nakshawani Muharram Lectures 2016

Syed Ammar Nakshawani  2016 lectures this Muharram were delivered from Leicester, UK. Here is a complete audio collection for you to stream or download.


The lectures are somewhat controversial from a Sunni (and blasphemous from a salafi perspective) especially the “Radical Islam” one. However I feel they are all interesting and have useful points.

You can either stream the lecture or click on the lecture title to download.


1.Hamza – Lion of God

2. Imam Sadiqs (as) Supplication for Sustenance

3. The Mosque of Harm and Disunity

4. No Compulsion in Religion 

5. Honor Killings

6. Radical Islam 

7. Sufism

8. Lubaba – Wife of Abbas (as)

9. Shia – Sunni Marriage

10. Poverty and the Poor 




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Medina Minds Team

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