Every day now the BBC has been displaying the same things, a distraught mother crying for her lost children, begging for the Russians to stop bombing. Everyday the same message. Notice anything?


Anyone would think that the war was one sided, with no casualties or victims on the other side. Is there more to the situation in Aleppo than the BBC is showing us? Is the BBC just the standard state run media with an agenda?


The BBC’s Reality

On BBC Radio 4, on 12/10/16 at 08:10 during the “Today Program”  we hear reports like these :


There was no report from anyone else, or any talk of other suffering in Aleppo, only this lady’s report.


Another report on Radio 4 on 11/10/2016 again says that the solution is for the Russians to stop bombing. There is no mention about stopping the rebels or stop arming the rebels.


Its therefore no great surprise to learn that the BBC has for years been pushing the idea that the solution in Syria to “end the suffering” is for the rebels to be armed, this shocking article dates back to 2013!




The Actual Reality


Who is actually fighting in Aleppo?


Government Side : Syrian Army, Palestinians, Russia

Rebel Side : Al Qaeda, ISIS, Kurds, FSA.


The rebel side largely consist of Islamist rebels, who, ironically if they were in the West would likely be arrested, as they hold similar views to people like Anjem Choudary. 


We do not seem to hear about the Government controlled areas of Aleppo, and what is happening to the people there, lets see :




Now lets see what else the Rebels get up to in the areas of Aleppo they control : 




The Syrian army and Russians have established corridors whereby civilians can leave and receive aid. The terrorists are also able to surrender at these points. So far, few have done so.



BBC didnt mention that the rebels had already destroyed most Hospitals in Aleppo.