A BBC Radio 4 documentary examines Intra-Faith hate and sectarianism in the UK. A powerful and at times deeply uncomfortable listen, is there a problem?

Are international conflicts creating tensions between Sunni and Shia Muslims in the UK?

Shabnam Mahmood reports from both Sunni and Shia communities and reveals how divisive messages from the Middle East are fueling intolerance here.

Organisations which monitor hate crimes say sectarian violence, while low level, is increasing.

One Shia man tells the programme: “It is now becoming quite dangerous. It is an attack on me as a Shia that really scares me.”

Mahmood reports from one of an increasing number of unity events being staged across the country to foster good relations. A Sunni imam tells her: “These are dangerous times and the religious leadership need to be seen to be doing things to bring communities together.”

So can such work prevent tensions escalating in the face of the sectarian propaganda that’s increasingly available online and on satellite television channels?


The BBC Documentary page can be found here.


It was really sad to hear about an elderly lady who died, and her body was not able to be washed in any local mosques because she was Shia. What kind of person would think that is right?