The Channel 4 documentary “Jihadi next door” has just been shown, making almost every Muslim cringe with extreme awkwardness as a band of jolly boys on benefits attempt to complete their mission of joining ISIS. #JihadisNextDoor





The views held by the men in the video are so simplistic and naive that it is almost pointless refuting them. If only they had read our post about the real Islam and its first state.… Not only do they go against the word and spirit of Islam, they clearly have no clue about even their understanding of the religion. Even by their own warped ideology they were making mistakes! Click here to see the full show.

It was interesting that the radical scholars who left the UK are immediately put on trial and sentenced to prison, but when they were here, they were free to radicalise the people for years. What were they thinking? Those salafi preachers should be arrested and put on trial.

The notion that he knows who is going to heaven and hell, and the arrogance of his words about Islam, it is clear that he has not learnt anything actually about Islam. Does anyone have an explanation of how people in this day and age can have such a twisted view of the world when there are so many good and truthful speakers of Islam out there?


I dread to think what non-Muslims make of all of this…