Dilly Hussain from the British Muslim news group #5Pillars debates on RT News network.


Dilly faces off with Eva Bartlett, an independent journalist that is challenging the Western and Israeli narrative of the events in Syria.

Dilly’s line of argument is in line with the Israeli and Saudi position which is this. They are absolutely silent when Al Qaeda and Isis take the towns by force, they remain silent when they behead people and massacre the people. However, when the Syrian army and their allies try to take back the area, they all pile onto social media and talk about the civilian casualties and “bombing” etc.

I wish Dilly would just be honest. If Al Qaeda or ISIS had taken his home town, he would expect the army to get rid of them, but when its someone else’s town, hes not so concerned. Effectively he is using the lives of the Syrian people as political currency to score points against his sectarian foes, and support his Western / Israeli position.




Dilly unfortunately has been completely compromised by the Western narrative on Syria and is systematically dismantled by Eva in the debate. Dilly has to resort to shouting and distraction tactics in order to stop the onslaught. 

Dilly subscribes to the Israeli narrative of what is happening in Syria, which can be summarised here: