You would be shocked to learn of the Facebook pages that have banned us. We are committed to exposing and uncovering all extremist ideology and those who propagate it. It seems some people do not share our passion for peace and harmony, here are those shameful pages on Facebook that have banned us.



After making a comment (which they deleted) suggesting that not confronting extremist ideology within the Ummah is leading to violence, they banned us.


Abu Eesa

 After exposing his support for a fake propaganda video, he promptly banned us. Click here to see the expose.


Yasir Qadhi

Despite his public claims to the contrary, he is still propagating the extremist ideology of Ibn Taymiyyah. However, we must be fair to YQ and say that he has rejected much of what he has said in the past, and he is certainly more Islamic that he used to be. He admits he has left the “Salafi movement”, which is recorded in this video. I wonder if YQ has someone who manages his page who did this rather than himself.



In the summer of 2016 the inevitable happened. After asking why DOAM doesn’t condemn ISIS or report any of their attacks, we were immediately blocked and banned.