Huawei and Honor cameras are great, but if they only listened to feedback, they would be perfect. Let me show you what I mean ….


The Problem

As several prominent sites have mentioned ( Android Authority , Medina Minds ) Huawei camera settings are not great. Before we start, Huawei are the mother company of Honor, and it seems whoever is in charge of the camera settings is running the show for both Huawei phones and Honor phones. They need to have a rethink. 

They make the images look too dark. GSM Arena called them “under exposed”. This is a combination of a shutter speed to fast, ISO too low and contrast too high. We cant tell exactly what settings they are using, but the default settings are not giving great images, and the camera sensor is capable. If we use professional mode, and simply reduce the shutter speed slightly, increase the ISO slightly, the images almost always come out better.


Huawaei camera

Hauwei P9 Camera, Image is dark and detail is lost.


Galaxy S7 Edge taking the same shot as above, image is much brighter, more detail, less dark patches.

What is really annoying, is that you can go into Professional mode, and adjust the settings on the camera to get amazing images, even better than the S7 edge above ,but you have to do this manually every time. That takes the “Smart” out of “Smartphone”. 

The problem is not just limited to Pictures, but videos as well. Its as if they just use the same settings on all phones, regardless of the hardware, perhaps on one phone these settings work and make sense, but in mine, and other reviewers, it just makes the images too dark and shadowy.


The Solution

You can either adjust the image once taken or use Professional Mode. Im hoping there will be an update released soon which just needs to reduce shutter speed slightly, and increase ISO slightly. 


Anyone have any other ideas?