After his first shock statement about ISIS and the Salafi Ideology, former Imam of Mecca Al Kalbani has shocked the world again, admitted that ISIS have the same belief as the Salafi, whom he refers to as “us”.



This kind of speech is going to further confuse the Salafi lay people who for years have always assumed that ISIS and such groups were nothing to do with Salafism, but rather some other group, usually being labelled “Khawarij” etc. This new admission and call for reform is ringing alarm bells in many people’s minds. For years they were told that Salafism is the true, pure version of Islam, brought to the masses by pious decent scholars who had perfect records. Now scholars like Yasir Qadhi and other prominent Salafis are letting the masses know that there are severe issues within the heart of Salafism, most centrally Ibn Taymiyah. 

When many Salafis look at the acts of ISIS they shake their head in disgust, however what they have not been told is that the Salafi “sheikhs” of the past taught exactly the same things that ISIS do, and in some cases they actually practiced what they taught and did the same things ISIS do today.