ISIS have some clear objectives, we investigate one of their main ones : Creating Sectarianism within the Muslim Community.


ISIS have several mechanisms for spreading their propaganda, they produce a digital magazine called “Dabiq”, they produce videos, and written documents. What is alarming is that other groups, even in the West have began to copy their message and propaganda without the ISIS label. This is dangerous because it allows and encourages the spread of ISIS ideology to audiences that otherwise would not entertain it.


About him, Ibn Taymiyyah said, “The first to innovate Rafd (Shiasm) was a heretical hypocrite named ‘Abdullāh Ibn Saba’. He wanted thereby to corrupt the religion of the Muslims like Paul – the author of the letters read by the Christians – innovated for the Christians heresies by which he corrupted their religion. Paul was a Jew who hypocritically faked Christianity with the intent to corrupt it. Ibn Saba’ was also a Jew intending the same. He strived to spread falsehood aiming to corrupt the religion, but was unable to do so. However, some discord and strife occurred amongst the Muslims, strife in which ‘Uthmān was killed. Thereafter the fitnah transpired” [Majmū’ al-Fatāwā].

Page 33 Issue 13 of Dabiq – ISIS Magazine


These are the beliefs that ISIS are trying to promote.