What is the Israel perspective on the Syrian conflict?


The conflict in Syria is not an internal matter. There are many countries and groups involved, there are several sides in this conflict, it is not simply one side against another. However, there are some alliances that have emerged that raise an eye brow. Alliances that initially seem unlikely and illogical, but if one scratches beneath the surface, it all starts to make sense.



Israel is one the main players in the Middle East, with its vast American sponsored military and US funded intelligence agencies, rarely are they not involved. Israel’s enemies in the middle east are not a secret, Iran, Syria and Hizbollah. What is surprising is that Saudi Arabia would probably say their enemies were the same, in the same order. So its not a shock to see that they are working together in Syria to destroy their mutual enemies.



As the plot to destroy Syria unravels, the guilty are exposed. Turkey was clearly turning a blind eye to its borders. Thousands of people crossed to join the terrorist groups, and there were numerous reports of Turkey acting as a facilitator for several groups active in Syria. 

The Arab street, so often a term for gauging of public opinion in the Middle East, is divided, confused and betrayed. They were led to believe the Syrian government were massacring the people, only to find out that it was the western backed rebels who have killed so many. Now as the end game commences, thoughts turn to finger pointing and investigations, how could a country be tricked into destroying itself? How could the Arabs not see the Israeli and Saudi agenda in Syria? 

No doubt in the coming years and months there will be leaks and discoveries, analysis and insight, however for the people of Syria, its all too late. Their country has been destroyed, millions of lives ruined, all part of the agenda of a handful of nations who will no doubt turn their head when it comes to rebuilding Syria.