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This morning

 This morning I was gust getting up then I realised that it was the weekend.When I realised that it was the weekend I told my mum I and immediately went to Hassan's room but he was asleep after I while I new i wasn't aloud to wake him up.

Slither. It is a game that our dad my brother and me play when we had some free time.

Rm Easimaths

Rm Easimaths is a good website for teaching your children maths. You can buy a licence or free trial. Some school already have brought a licence for all there students. I've put a link so you can try this website out

My Poem.

The tree's blow  as the wind blew, in the dark bloomy weather with the bushes shiver threw the dark night.  When your asleep in the night you don't know what is going to happen do you. At night all the cats are not awake they are asleep because they don't sleep when...

what I did today!

This morning we had some breakfast we had some pancakes and some scrambled eggs with toast and the  pancakes were delicious.      


This is me Ruqayah I am 6 years old. I am a good girl and I all ways do as I'm told. I all ways help my mum and dad tidy up my room. Some times I do all the tidying even when I'm not told but I don't get told of. Did you know why I have curly here. It is because at...