Today we are about to play a game of Risk I am ever so exited but my daddy is holding us all up. So as he is now i am on the computer writing to you i thought it would be a great pleasure to do this for you. I do spend a lot of time writing to you and you might think because I make so muck long stories i take a long time on them I actually do not because type so fast. It is just i type loads of stories a day and that takes a long time it is not the writing it is the time i take doing all the writing. like all of this writing hear is Just taking me 2 minutes it does not take me long. It also all the planing i do to make these stories but some of them like this one are what is happening now but most of them are made up by my emanation. it is the way of the world you do not always have to go out if you want you can stay a home and play a bored game like we are we are playing risk you do not have to play risk you could play different games like monopoly  or a game of chess there are loads of games you could play to keep you busy you could even play a card game if you would like you also could play in the snow if you rap up warm. I am now going to be so exited the next day for my dad to come home so I can play risk because it is my dad’s he got it for his birthday.The next day  i will be waiting and waiting for my dad to come at the window looking out for him anyway it is getting a bit late now and i am feeling a bit tired right now so i am going to get some rest in bed so i am going to go to play risk before it gets to late so goodbye.