The tree’s blow 

as the wind blew,

in the dark bloomy

weather with the bushes

shiver threw the dark night. 

When your asleep in the night

you don’t know what is going to

happen do you. At night all the cats are not

awake they are asleep because they don’t

sleep when you think they go to sleep.

Rhyming stories don’t always end

the dark night in the bushes below

shivering plants bellow the dark weather.

The blowing bushes bellow.

the dark bushes bellow.

the dark night up there is darker then

you don’t know hoe dark the night in

the night. at the terrible sight.

there’s dragons in the night

the dragons don’t want to eat you they

want to eat the little insects that is on the floor. 

and obviously there isn’t anyone poor.

When there is dark at night 

There is ugly ghosts but 

you do not know if they are 

dead ghosts or not. They are wise and fierce

they  want to eat you.

But they only will eat you if you 

awake. If you are not then maybe

they wont.