Interesting reports about #Nabi-Adam AS.

These are mainly taken from the book of Al-Amili about Nabi Adam AS, it can be read in full here.

What Does Adam mean?

Adam was named as Adam because he was created from the skin of the earth (Arabic: Adeem) and from Al-Sadooq: that the fourth ground (or earth) was called Adeem and from it Adam was created and that’s why he was called Adam.

The mother of human beings Eve (Arabic: Hawa’) was called like this because she was made from the living (Arabic: living = Hay) and that is Adam (PUH). And from Al-Sadiq (PUH): that God created Adam from clay and created Eve from Adam, and so the work of men is on land (earth, ground) and the work of women is in men.


How was Lady Eve created?

From Al-‘Ayyashi from Amr ben Abi Miqdam from his father that he said: I asked Aba Jafar Al-Baqir (PUH) from what thing did God made Eve (PUH)? he said (Al-Baqir PUH): and what thing do they say about this creation? I said: they say from one of Adam’s (PUH) ribs, then he said (PUH): they lied. Is God unable to create her except out of Adam’s rib? Then I said: O may I be a ransom to you son of the prophet of God, of what thing did God create her? He said (PUH): my father told me from his fathers that the prophet of God (PUH) said: God, may praise be to Him, held a clay and mixed it with his right hand, and both of His hands are right, so He created out of it Adam and part of it was left untouched so He created Eve out of it (AlSayed Ne’mato-Allah Al-Jaza’eri said: this Hadith or speech is trustworthy and believed in among our comrades and partners. Meaning what had been told by Al-‘Ayyashi..etc) and this speech has what supports it and there is no doubt among us about its contents and anything oppose it would oppose the rules and laws of what God made 20 what we are in now, and so the claim of creating Eve out of his (Adam) rib is something strange and weird instead of creating her out of the remaining of his (Adam) clay as it was told by them (meaning them the Holy family of Muhammad PUT) many times. About the story of creating Eve out of the rib, and that is the little left rib, is carried by explaining according to the pictorial match for these who believe it and there are other taken paths and God only knows.And it is probable that God created Adam and Eve without a mother and father and created Jesus (PUH) without a father to let know that He is able to create anything anyhow, and His laws in nature used to be creating any creation out of a father and a mother except these mentioned before.

Was Satan a Jinn or Angel?

From Jameel ben Daraj said: I asked Aba ‘Abdullah Al-Sadiq (PUH) about whether Iblis was one of the Angels or jinn, so he said (PUH): Angels saw that he was one of them but only God knew that he wasn’t one of them, and when was ordered to prostrate he did what he did.

There is some discussion in the history books of the ulama about this. It maybe that the Jinn is a type of creation, and the angels is a title, so that one may be an jinn and an angel, or a jinn and not an angel etc. 

Did the Angels commit shirk when bowing towards Adam As?

From Al-Sadiq (PUH): whoever prostrated by a command from God, then it is a prostration for God and obeying his order, and if it wasn’t the commandment by His Highness he wouldn’t prostrate. And this is what had been told also by Al-Imam ‘Ali ben Muhammad Al-Hadi (PUH) when he said: prostration before Adam by Angels was not for Adam but for obeying God and endearment for Adam.

Just like we today bow toward the Ka’aba, does not mean we worship the Ka’aba. It is a command from God and for God.