Mukhalat Al Arais is a perfume produced by the Swiss Arabian group. This review will let you understand the fragrance and potency, and let you know who should wear it and when.



Introducing Mukhalat Al Arais


Mukhalat Al Arais

Mukhalat Al Arais packaging.


In the early seventies, the discovery of petroleum transformed the Gulf countries into booming economies. Foreseeing a prosperous future in the newly-formed federation, United Arab Emirates, Hussain Adam Ali decided to establish the country’s first perfume manufacturing company in collaboration with Swiss perfumery giant, Givaudan Roure, the latter providing technical expertise and know how to the fledgling new Arabian perfume house. Thus, this alliance between an Arab pioneer and a European perfumery giant gave birth to Swiss Arabian Perfumes Group (SAPG).

Mukhalat Al Arais retails for around £7-£10 for 50ml. It comes in a luxury box and has an ornate bottle with spray cap. The liquid has a feint orange appearance, however doesn’t seem to stain clothes or the skin when applied. You can buy it online via Amazon by clicking this link Mukhalat Al Arais by Swiss Arabian Perfumes Eau De Parfum 50ml


Mukhalat Al Arais

Mukhalat Al Arais


The Fragrance


The over whelming initial impression is one of sweetness, mild spice and a hint of rose. To me, its a classic Arabian aroma, and my friends have commented several times “that reminds me so much of the middle east”. I have had nothing but compliments regarding it. Its a fairly long lasting smell, this is not Eau de Toilette which only contains 5-9%. This is Eau de Parfum which contains a higher concentration of perfume, usually 8-14%. Eau de Parfums last longer and smell more intense. 


The Conclusion


It does smell slightly feminine, however it doesn’t feel inappropriate for men to wear this in a casual setting. Its best used for social events and the Mosque. I would not advice this for a work fragrance for a man, simply because in the West it would seem to feminine for some. Also due to its potency, if someone does not like it, they are going to have to smell it intensely.


Its best applied to the cheeks and neck. Only a small amount is required, one squirt from the cap spread out over the desired area is enough for most situations.