This is another review of a Swiss Arabian fragrance, this time Mukhallat Malaki.




Its in the standard 10ml Swiss Arabian bottle, a clear glass and black lid. 


The Fragrance

Its a traditional scent, I noticed this particular style of perfume is popular with Somali and Sudanese people, its got a hint of jannat al firdous fragrence. It is quite strong, a little menthol. There are strong flavours of rose, and  I personally dont like it. To me its not a traditional Arab fragrance, if I’m honest, it smells like the cheap atta that you smell in many mosques. The issue is, its a very strong and bold scent, so if you like it, its great, if you dont, it can feel overpowering and unpleasant. 


Use and Conclusion

Its a masculine perfume, strong in flavour and long lasting. I would not recommend this for work or a casual social gathering. It would probably fit in for the Mosque and religious events. However its not my cup of tea. Its good value at £5.95 as well, if you do like it, your going to love it. For me though, I prefer the more modern, balanced tones.