Rational Proof for the existence of Prophets

H 425, Ch. 1, h1

The compiler of this book, Muhammad ibn Ya‘qub al-Kulayni (may Allah grant him blessings) has said that narrated to us Ali ibn Ibrahim from his father from al-‘Abbass ibn ‘Umar al-Faqimi from Hisham ibn al-Hakam from abu ‘Abd Allah, recipient of divine supreme covenant, the following:


“An atheist asked the Imam, recipient of divine supreme covenant, ‘How do you prove the truthfulness of the prophets and the messengers?’ “The Imam, recipient of divine supreme covenant, said, ‘It is a fact that we have established with sufficient evidence, proof of the existence of our Creator, the Most Holy, the Most High and Exalted above all creatures. It is a fact that this Creator is Allwise and Most High. His creatures cannot see, touch, associate and directly communicate with Him. It proves that His deputies must be present among His creatures. It is His deputies and ambassadors who speak to people for Him and provide them guidance to protect their interests; to tell them what is beneficial to them and what are the best means of survival and what may cause their destruction. This proves the presence among people of those who convey the commandments of the Creator, Who is All-wise, All-knowing Allah, the Most Holy, the Most High, to them. Such people are the prophets, recipient of divine supreme covenant, the chosen ones from among His creatures. They are the people of wisdom, disciplined with wisdom and sent to people with the message of wisdom. They are different from other people – although like them in physical form and shape – in their conditions of discipline and their receiving direct support from Allah, the Most Holy, the Most High and All-wise. This also proves their presence among people in all times to ensure the availability of the people with Divine Authority on earth who have the kind of knowledge that establishes their truthfulness and proves them to be of the people who possess the noble quality of justice.’”


Ahmed Hilmi

Ahmed Hilmi

Ahmed is a contributor for Medina minds. He has also written the book Shield of the Believer

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