Jaz Aquaviva Review

 This is a review for the Jaz Aquaviva resort in Hurghada, Egypt. Is this resort the right place for you?   Short Version : Its a great hotel, great holiday, there is a very high chance of you having a great time here.Long version : Once upon a...

The Casio SGW-500H : Review

The Casio SGW-500H is a brilliant watch, it has some amazing features that I will explain in this review, there are also some down sides which you will want to know about.

Honor 7 Camera Guide

The camera on the Honor 7 is a 20 mega pixel unit that has the potential for amazing images. Here’s how to get the best out of it.

Huawei Honor 7 Tips and Tricks

I have this phone and wanted to share the tips and tricks I have learned, as there really isn’t much documentation for this phone. Its a real shame, the reviews are really positive, as it is an excellent phone, but most people who own it do not even know all its features and optimizations.

Halal Restaurant Review : Caffe Concerto

  Caffe Concerto in Westfield is an Italian restaurant and Cafe that provides a range of Halal food, this review will let you know if its worth the visit and what kind of evening you can expect. How does it compare to Meat and Co?   The Situation  ...