My life is a pretty good life. My brother Hassan a bit annoying he hits me and bites me when he is in a bad mood. Anyway my dad is called Ahmed he is very nice. My mum is called Rabbia. My dad is the one that makes the website. He is clever isnt he. He fixes a problem when some think is wrong. Once there was some think wrong with the bit where you type you could not change the colour. Anyway today I am going to town to get my self a pear of black sparkly leggins. Now I have finished our shopping I am home and just finished my hot chocolate but know I am here writing this on Medina minds. It was a nice day out but now it is time to go home. At home it is nice and warm because we stayed there until dark it was very very dark a don’t know why my mum and dad let me and my brothers out side for so long. I just cant tell you how dark it was it was like it was mid night. when we  got back I was amazed how warm it was.