For years now the Crisis in Syria has raged on, hundreds of thousands are dead and millions of lives have been impacted. How did this happen and why? This article will pull on all resources, including the classified emails of politicians and military that have been leaked to answer those questions.


The world is changing

100 years ago politicians would use blatant propaganda to influence the population in order to complete their political desires. Now because we can access different sources for our news, the public are not as vulnerable as they used to be to lies and deception. One thing that is clear however, is that history repeats itself. In 1916 the land that we now call Saudi Arabia was controlled by the Ottoman Empire. The British were at war with them, as well as fighting the Germans and their allies, they were fighting the Ottomans. Obviously, fighting wars on multiple fronts against larger forces is not easy, and the British needed to engineer ways to increase their chances of winning. They therefore used a British agent called Thomas Edward Lawrence, more commonly known as Lawrence of Arabia to try and even things up.

Lawrence’s plan was to create friction between the indigenous Arabs and the Ottoman rulers, and then once the seeds of civil war started to grow, he would nurture them by supplying the rebels with weapons. The Arabs would not fight for the British though, so he needed some kind of group that he could rally the people behind and would motivate them to fight. The British used the Wahabi groups of the time, who follow the teachings of Abdul Wahab and Ibn Taymiyyah as their boys on the ground. The British armed them, and made deals so that if they over threw the Ottomans, the chiefs of the tribes of the Arabs would be put in power.

The British plan worked, they supplied the propaganda and weapons, the people revolted and the British managed to defeat the Ottoman empire using their own people against them. If a lesson can be learned from this, its do not underestimate the power of propaganda and highly motivated people. 


Who Are the Players?

The battle ground is Syria, but who are the players of the game? Who is fighting who? Thanks to the recent leaked emails from Hilary Clinton we know that the US wanted to harm Syria to protect Israel.



We know the US and Israel are on one side, but who else? It seems the Saudi’s and Qatari’s. Another leaked document shows the TV channel Al Jazeera, the mouth piece of the Qatari regime, was used to spread propaganda and encourage a civil war in Syria.




That’s not all. The British are also involved, the former Foreign Secretary of France dropped this bombshell in an interview, that he was told about the Syria conflict two years before it happened. Watch the clip :




Why Syria?

The former French Foreign minister Roland Dumas said in the video above that the conflict in Syria was “prepared, conceived and organised from outside of Syria”. Implying that it was not a natural event that happened, but rather the result of foreign planning. When he was asked why would people plan to do this, he replied that Syria is anti Israel and Israel’s prime minister told him that “Israel will try and get along with its neighbors, and those it can, it will take down.”


Syria is also a backer of Hizbollah, Iran and the Palestinians, basically everything that the Israeli/US/Saudi Alliance hate.



History Repeats itself


So what exactly have they done? Firstly there is no doubt there is some genuine grievances the Syrian population may have against their government. This has been magnified, distorted and expanded to create the image that Syria was unbearable and something has to be done. Its important to realise that Syria was actually a peaceful, pleasant place which many went to in the middle east to enjoy their fine beaches, mountains and city life. Even UK show Top Gear went to Syria :



Saudi Arabia, a country like Syria which also contains different Islamic sects, has had a disturbing past. With the largest known number (around 30,000) of people arrested for political activity, democracy is not something acceptable to the Saudi regime, however most people are not aware of this due to the close ties between the Saudi regime and the West. One of the issues surrounding the Syria conflict is the dictatorial nature of the government, however compared to the region, there is actually more freedoms in Syria than most Arab countries, and nearly all Gulf States.


The propaganda started, in the west, online and on the ground.



Just as in the war with the Ottomans, the new Alliance of the British, Americans, Saudi and Israel  had created and armed radical Salafi groups. These Salafi groups went on to fight the Syrian government, and anyone else who got in their way. The mosques aligned to the Saudi Salafi ideology bombarded their worshipers with tales of oppression and tyranny from the Syrian government and begged them to pray to destroy them. This created a human wave of Salafi Jihadis that filled Syria and created the toxic recipe required for ISIS.

Look at what the Salafi scholars were saying :



Its no surprise that thousands upon thousands of people ran to the cause. The propaganda was relentless. Just as in the war with the Ottomans, the enemies of Syria were now able to fight them using their own people. The West supply the weapons, the Saudis and Qataris supply the money and the surrounding countries turned a blind eye to the weapons pouring into Syria.

Syrian rebels using us weapons

Syrian rebels using a US made Tow missile


An RT news report showed the Western backed Rebels using the American weapons :





Now, 5 years into the war, the people are starting to realise that they have been tricked, Several rebel groups have announced truces and stopped fighting. However the damage has been done, Syria is a ruin and the mission to degrade its military as a threat to Israel has succeeded.


History will remember those on each side and hopefully we will learn to avoid such wars in the future.