The Khawarij

  During the Caliphate of Ali Ibn Abu Talib (ع) there were several challenges to his rule, these were not minor skirmishes, but caused more deaths than all the previous battles against the non Muslims put together.   One of the battles was the battle of Siffin (657),...

Banu Qurayza – The True Story

Islamophobes often quote the Banu Qurayza incident as evidence that the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) acted brutally and Islam is a religion of war and barbarism. This article will uncover the truth and expose the reality of the incident in light of the authentic historical sources and detailed analysis of the events.

Medina : The First Islamic State

The term “Islamic State” is not new, it may feel new to us, but that is because we are not aware of the original and true Islamic State, the one established by Prophet Muhammad May God bless him. This article will expose the shocking differences between the group that calls its self “Islamic State” and the original Islamic state.