Islamic Ethics : Akhlaq

Akhlaq (Arabic: أخلاق‎) is an Arabic term referring to the practice of virtue, morality and manners in Islamic theology and falsafah (philosophy). It is most commonly translated in English dictionaries as; disposition, nature, temper, ethics, morals or manners (of a person). This article will outline what the Islamic view of ethics is, and how it differs to other theories.

Deontology Vs Teleology Ethics

Deontology and Teleology are competing ideas in the world of ethics. Deontology suggests that the consequences of actions are not important, its the action themselves that decide if an action is right or wrong, and the Teleology theory says its the results or consequence that will decide if an action is good or bad. This article will explain the differences further and give an Islamic perspective to this important topic.

Trolley Problem : An Islamic Answer

The “Trolley Problem” is a moral exercise to explore what is right and how we decide on what is actually “right”. Its seen as one of the most challenging and thought provoking issues in morality and ethics. Following on from our recent article : Trolley Problem : An age old Dilemma , now we will attempt to give an answer from an Islamic perspective.

Islam and Morality

Morality is defined as a code of conduct, whereby an individual acknowledges something to be either right or wrong. The vast majority of humanity will acknowledge certain things to be right or wrong, but what is the source of this knowledge? What are Islam’s views on morality? How does post-modernist thinking react to a universal value system?