The John Kerry audio leak dates back to October 2016, however it still amazes till today.

Firstly here is the complete audio :


Key Points:

  1. The opposition are making campaigns such as “Aleppo is burning”. Eg they are creating propaganda to try to sway international opinion.
  2. The US allowed ISIS to grow.
  3. The US has spent an “awful” lot of money trying to get rid of Assad.
  4. The US had people in Aleppo during the conflict.
  5. The US doesn’t have a legal basis for being in Syria.
  6. The US admits its arming and training groups in Syria.
  7. The Opposition do not believe in democracy, and feel they would lose an election !

The strategy of the Opposition appears to be make Assad look bad with propaganda and hope that the Americans can arm groups to fight him. This tactic was the same in Ghouta, and just like Aleppo, it failed badly.

What will their tactic be for Idlib?