In a previous article, we examined why Muslims pray. However this highlighted a deeper issue, what is the philosophy of Prayer in Islam?


One of the common misconceptions regarding prayer is that it is like a get rich quick scheme, “Pray for money and you will get rich” or like a genie where you ask for something and you get it. If prayer was really like this, then the Prophets AS would be the richest, and the faithful followers would be closely behind them in flash cars and mansions. Clearly this is not the case, those that expect prayer to do this will end up severely disappointed. 


So what is the benefit of Prayer?

As was mentioned in the previous article,  prayer is a method of self improvement. It allows the individual to realise their position in the universe, and to focus on what really matters, their morals.



Would it be fair and just for God to grant people their wishes and give them arbitrarily what they want without putting in the work to get it? I dont think so. It is very apparent that there is a system in place in this reality, and that is cause and effect, and whilst we are alive there seems to be very limited exceptions to the standard state of affairs.