Another bomb goes off in Turkey. Why has Turkey become subject to recent attacks?


Turkey has been actively engaged in the Syria conflict. Launching their own military campaigns to ensure their favoured rebel faction defeats the Kurds.  They have turned a blind eye to their borders for years and it is well known that the Turkey -Syria border is the transport hub for people, weapons and money. 



The Turkish government must have expected this. When you do a deal with the devil, you know there will be consequences. When they allowed the western backed rebels to freely move in and out of Syria, did they not realise they will spread the same destruction that they inflicted in Syria?

I’m expecting years of such trouble for Turkey. There hands are red with so many different groups’ blood that they will struggle to keep the peace. Erdogan has been sold out by the West. They used him to be their”Enforcer” in Syria, that has now failed. The West are now starting to change their tune about regime change, and Erdogan is left in the fire.

Erdogan has managed to make enemies of Russia, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, the numerous terrorist groups it used to support, and some it didn’t. Erdogan gambled the West would look to him as an ally, a man they could trust and someone they would help. As the deafening thud of explosions and gunfire in Istanbul roar, Erdogan must be feeling his deal with the devil has left him very lonely.