There are very few people who openly go around saying “Im extreme, I support ISIS etc”, in fact I have never heard this. However there are quite a few people who support the ideology and political views of ISIS, and they remain hidden. Some do not even know they themselves have these views ! This quick test will uncover if you or your friends is a Hidden Extremist.


Firstly what do we mean by a “Hidden Extremist“? What we mean is someone that supports the ideology and the political world view of ISIS. They will almost always deny they actually support ISIS, claiming ISIS are actually “Khawarij” or just not criticize ISIS at all.

Here are the key indicators that you are in fact a Hidden Extremist :


  • Are you a Salafi?

Al Kalbani ISIS Salafi

Al Kalbani ISIS Salafi

ISIS is a salafi organisation, now this does not mean every salafi is an extremist. It does mean that if you take the salafi views of Saudi Arabia seriously, you are agreeing with ISIS ideology, whether you know it or not.


  • Do you know or care about the Saudi campaign against Yemen?

Yemen child killed by Saudi strikes

Yemeni Child killed by Saudi Air Strike. Doesn’t register in Salafi’s minds.

One of the trademarks of ISIS supporters is their dislike of non Salafis. So the Saudi campaign against the Yemeni people is not seen by them as “bad” as the Yemenis are shia and to the extremists, shia are evil. 


  • Are you selective in your Charity groups?

white helmets al qaeda

Selective Charity : White Helmets with Al Qaeda

One of the key subconscious indicators is supporting charity groups that are inline with Salafi/ISIS ideology. These include groups that only help certain Syrians or operate in certain areas of Syria. 


  • Do you re-post things on social media from groups like DOAM ?

ISIS sectarianism

ISIS orders its fighters to kill Sunnis and make it look like the Iraqi Army did it.

DOAM and similar groups propagate a distorted view of reality. Its classic propaganda. They also never mention the crimes of ISIS or other extreme groups, so the reader never thinks ISIS is extreme at all. 


If you have answered in the following way 1 – yes, 2 – no, 3 – yes, 4 -yes. Then your a Hidden Extremist ! Get some help today!