sheild of the believer
Introducing the book : Shield of the Believer. Have you ever felt that you are not sure about God's existence ? Do you feel like you do not know enough about the arguments for God's existence? Then this book is for you. Bringing certainty and replacing doubt.

New Book : Shield of the Believer

The Video   The Text   THE COURSE OF PHILOSOPHICAL THOUGHT (IN THE LAST TWO CENTURIES)   Objective Idealism As was indicated earlier, after the Renaissance, no stable philosophical system came into existence, but rather different philosophical schools and views constantly have been and are being born and dying.  The […]

Philosophical Instructions by MESBAH YAZDI Part 3   Recently updated !

Many see Greece and the Greek philosophers as the founders of democracy.    So lets see what Socrates thought in this short video :     He makes a good point. We don’t use democracy for many jobs, your doctor for example, but when it comes to running a country […]

Socrates on Democracy: Shocking.   Recently updated !

  This is another review of a Swiss Arabian fragrance, this time Mukhallat Malaki.   Presentation Its in the standard 10ml Swiss Arabian bottle, a clear glass and black lid.    The Fragrance Its a traditional scent, I noticed this particular style of perfume is popular with Somali and Sudanese people, […]

Perfume Review : Mukhallat Malaki   Recently updated !

What is the Israel perspective on the Syrian conflict?   The conflict in Syria is not an internal matter. There are many countries and groups involved, there are several sides in this conflict, it is not simply one side against another. However, there are some alliances that have emerged that […]

Israel and the Syrian Conflict   Recently updated !

If you have the Ricoh SP213w and it keeps forgetting the WIFI when its been turned off, I can help.   Firstly, go to settings, then try to add the printer as normal. The best way you can do this by click windows button, settings, devices, add printer. It will then search […]

Ricoh SP213w Wifi Fix   Recently updated !