sheild of the believer
Introducing the book : Shield of the Believer. Have you ever felt that you are not sure about God's existence ? Do you feel like you do not know enough about the arguments for God's existence? Then this book is for you. Bringing certainty and replacing doubt.

New Book : Shield of the Believer

Badr by Tihama
Badr is a perfume made by Tihama, which seems to be a sub-brand of Swiss Arabian, however this is only a theory based on sellers websites. This review will let you understand the fragrance and potency, and let you know who should wear it and when.

Badr by Tihama Perfume Review

Following Satan without knowing
There are very few people who openly go around saying "Im extreme, I support ISIS etc", in fact I have never heard this. However there are quite a few people who support the ideology and political views of ISIS, and they remain hidden. Some do not even know they themselves have these views ! This quick test will uncover if you or your friends is a Hidden Extremist.

How to uncover a Hidden Extremist

Haramain Million
The Haramain brand is well known for Arab clothing, few knew they also made perfumes. This review is on their "Million" fragrance.

Perfume Review : Haramain Million

Ibrahim Issa
  Ibrahim Issa, the famous and respected Egyptian commentator has shocked listeners by exposing the Saudi regime and their ideology as being behind ISIS.   In this clip Issa shows the Imam of Mecca praying for the jihadi’s of Yemen, Syria and Iraq. He also curses the Shia, Christians and […]

Arab Commentator : “Salafi teachings and Imams have created ISIS”

shia sunni marriage
When a Sunni and a Shia Muslim in Britain tie the knot, this is sometimes jokingly referred to as a “Sushi” marriage. Such marriages are not uncommon, but international political events including the wars in Syria and Iraq have led many Muslims in the UK to identify more strongly with […]

Sushi Marriages on Radio 4

Mukhalat Al Arais
Mukhalat Al Arais is a perfume produced by the Swiss Arabian group. This review will let you understand the fragrance, and who and when its for.

Perfume Review : Mukhalat Al Arais