New Book : Shield of the Believer

Introducing the book : Shield of the Believer. Have you ever felt that you are not sure about God’s existence ? Do you feel like you do not know enough about the arguments for God’s existence? Then this book is for you. Bringing certainty and replacing doubt.

Khawrij of today : Video

What do you think of this new video?  

Are Sunni’s going to Hell?

A man was sitting with Muhammad b. Muslim and Abu'l Khattab. Abu'l Khattab said, "What do you say regarding those who do not recognize this Order (Imamate)?" The man said, "Whoever does not recognize this Order is a disbeliever." Abu'l Khattab said, "He is not a...

Atheist Argues – Why have a world of suffering?

Abdullah Sameer has recently released a video where by he tries to argue against the existence of God by pointing out that there is suffering in this world.  The video can be seen here:   The video doesnt really bring anything new to the age old argument, more...