In a shock announcement, Yasir Qadhi has publicly announcement he has left the Salafi movement.






I have collected a series of YouTube Videos that show the evolution of Yasir Qadhi, from his early simple salafi days of propagating Saudi Salafism, to his enlightenment period and beyond.


Yasir Qadhi Early Saudi Salafi :


Yasir Qadhi post enlightenment : 


Yasir Qadhi has also written a scathing attack on the Salafi Movement on Muslim Matters website, here is some of his concerns : 

1)  Its relegation of theology to the mainly abstract and theoretical doctrines tangential to the message of Islam, to the point that abstract theology and man-made creeds eclipse each and every other aspect of Islam.

2)  An unfounded hesitation in embracing tazkiya al-nafs and little interest in spiritual development. It is an undeniable reality that, as a whole, the Salafī movement has failed to emphasize proper spirituality, or tazkiya al-nafs.

3)  A characteristic harshness evidenced in its treatment of other, non-Salafī, Muslims.

4)  Many Salafī trends adopt an extremist position regarding bidʿa and mubtadʿis.

5)  Mistaken priorities. The Prophet Muḥammad ṣallallāhu 'alayhi wa sallam (peace and blessings of Allāh be upon him) said, “Focus on that which benefits you!” For some Salafīs, success is tantamount to refuting ‘deviants’.

6)  The Salafī treatment of women. By and large, the modern Salafī movement relegates women to a level that might justly be considered inhumane.

7)  Unquestioning allegiance to a group of ‘senior scholars’ that serve as final arbiters on all matters. For a movement that claims to champion free-thinking and eschew blind-following, it is sad that most Salafīs are sectarian and narrow-minded about following the ‘Kibar‘ (senior scholars).

8)  A severely handicapped understanding of the modern political arena. One wonders how anyone who claims to follow Ibn Taymiyya, and reads first-hand how frequently he challenged the rulers publicly, can then adopt such a quietest servile obsequious attitude towards rulers whose crimes far exceed anything the rulers during Ibn Taymiyya’s times did.


You can download Yasir Qadhi full article on the issues of salafism by clicking here.