Perfume Review : Haramain Million

The Haramain brand is well known for Arab clothing, few knew they also made perfumes. This review is on their “Million” fragrance.



Haramain Million Box
Haramain Million Box


Coming in a cigarette style packet, the Haramain Million 15ml bottle looks far beyond the sub £5 price would suggest. The cheapest I have seen this is on Amazon with this link : Limited edition “Haramain Million”. The liquid is clear and has a roller type applicator. I found the roller ball seemed to transmit a small amount of the perfume, so you have to roll for quite some time to get a convincing amount. The scent and style is a replica of the Paco Rabanne Million. 


Haramain Million
Haramain Million bottle


The strongest tones are of vanilla and lavender. These creates quite a sweet overall scent, by western standards this level of sweetness would be classed as feminine. From an eastern perspective its more unisex, I would say it leans towards being feminine however. I personally found the scent pleasant, but slightly thin, it didn’t seem to last that long. 


Situation and Conclusion

This fragrance suits a social gathering. I think its a little subtle and feminine for my taste. Its not an unpleasant scent, I can imagine it would be generally popular, but definitely more for women. I have therefore given it to my wife 🙂



Ahmed Hilmi

Ahmed Hilmi

Ahmed is a contributor for Medina minds. He has also written the book Shield of the Believer

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