Perfume Review : Mukhallat Malaki

  This is another review of a Swiss Arabian fragrance, this time¬†Mukhallat Malaki.   Presentation Its in the standard 10ml Swiss Arabian bottle, a clear glass and black lid.¬†   The Fragrance Its a traditional scent, I noticed this particular style of...

Badr by Tihama Perfume Review

Badr is a perfume made by Tihama, which seems to be a sub-brand of Swiss Arabian, however this is only a theory based on sellers websites. This review will let you understand the fragrance and potency, and let you know who should wear it and when.

Huawei Honor 7 Tips and Tricks

I have this phone and wanted to share the tips and tricks I have learned, as there really isn’t much documentation for this phone. Its a real shame, the reviews are really positive, as it is an excellent phone, but most people who own it do not even know all its features and optimizations.